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Welcome to Modelcare


Welcome to Modelcare

Bem-vindo ao site da Modelcare - Lares de Terceira Idade! Nos nossos lares de idosos proporcionamos qualidade de vida ao melhor preço, com mensalidades desde 800 euros. Venha Visitar-nos!


MODELCARE – Nursing homes for the elderly, we take care of the future!

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Welcome to Modelcare – Nursing homes for the elderly!

Modelcare Center for Human Recovery and Valorization, Ltd., is a company composed by a group of institutions which operate in the elderly sector, specifically in housing and recovery of the elderly population, with two nursing homes situated, one between Leiria and Pombal by the IC2 freeway in the village of Ranha de São João, and another in Boleiros, Fátima, near the Sanctuary, the caves and the dinosaur footsteps.

In our nursing homes, the work teams are constituted by young, dynamic and highly qualified professionals, the majority of which hold a graduate degree, and here we value healthcare, nutrition and quality of life of our residents, helping them to overcome their limitations in the physical, psychological and emotional aspects.

These two nursing homes for the elderly are inserted in a sheltered space, where sun and vegetation abound, favoring rest and tranquility in close contact with nature. The facilities consist of rooms on the ground floor, or on the 1st floor equipped with an elevator, with private bathrooms, central heating, television and internet, game/activity and multipurpose rooms, living rooms, chapels, cafeterias, health departments and green areas for strolling on the outside.

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Modelcare – Nursing homes for the elderly, your best choice!